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The association of Rikhi Ram family with late Ustad ji is of 3 generations. Ustad ji always treated Bishan Dass ji as his younger brother. To make his sitar in a standardized form He and Bishan Dass ji spent days and years together discussing all the possibilities to accomplish the correct Design, Sound and Tone of his gharana. It is no doubt that Vilayat Khan style sitar is most widely played around the world. Ustad ji explained the detailed nuances of sound and tone that he required to Bishan Dassji who then master crafted many of his style sitars. Khan sahib always appreciated Bishanjis experiments with different type of materials for the jawaris.

Ustadji’s both sons Shujaat Khan and Hidayat Khan, ustadji’s brother Ustad Imrat Khan & his son Nishat Khan play sitars made by Bishan Dass of Rikhi Ram. Apart from his family the other top names who play sitars made by Bishan Dass ji are Budhatitya Mukherjee, Shahid Pervez and many more. They are a regular visitors to the shop.

Bishan Dassji and Son Ajay have designed Ovation sitar fitted with pick up, which Shujaat ji will also play in his forthcoming world music projects with western musicians.