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journey of rikhi ram

Pt. Rikhiram Pt. Rikhiram, a great musician, and one of the best known Musical Instrument creator, had a vision to create Instrument that are unique. His strength was Innovation-with Perfection, which one can feel with any of the Rikhiram Instrument.
Late Pt. Bishan Dass Sharma Late Pt. Bishan Dass Sharma, the Proprietor of 'Rikhi Ram Musical Co..' was born at Lahore in a family which had a long lineage in music field.    Read more..
Late Pt. Bishan Das Sharma - Mr. Ajay Sharma This journey is continued by the son of Late Pt. Bishan Das Sharma - Mr. Ajay Sharma a.k.a AJ Rikhiram, who is equally ambitious and qualified in this field.


Achievements A flair for instrument making, and a series of lessons from notable maestro is not enough to make one conspicuous. We strive to make a instrument entirely to the satisfactory of these maestro, has made Rikhi Ram the most revered instrument maker of today.Grafting sitar for Pt. Ravi Shankar happened by default. Once Pt. Ravi Shankar was on his tour of Italy, when his main sitar was damaged in the journey.The sitar was his favourite.
The idea of not using his favourite sitar made him worry, but Late Pt. Bishan Dass Sharma, ventured to put it right, infact he claimed to that the tonal quality of the restored sitar would be better than the original one. Shri Sharma worked on the sitar and to Panditji's surprise the repaired sitar was of course better sounding than it was before.
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our innovation

  • Mohini sitar
    Mohini sitar
  • Kohinoor Sitar VKS model
    Kohinoor Sitar VKS model
  • Swar Mandal
    Swar Mandal
  • Red Electric Sitar (Style 3)
    Red Electric Sitar (Style 3)