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Bishan Dass ji came to know of Pt. Debu Chaudhuri when he was appointed by the Delhi university in 1958/59 as a sitar professor. Bishan ji became his undettered fan after hearing his concerts and from then on their acquaintance turned into a beautiful long lasting friendship.

Bishan ji has made a number of sitars for him and his son Prateek chaudhuri. They used to sit for hours together discussing the sound and tone of sitars and ways to enhance them & the type of material changes that could be brought about as per their Gharana.

Debu ji is continuing the Senia Gharana tradition of sitar playing of Ustad Mushtaq Ali Khan, who used to play sitar with 17 frets. Bishanji is very happy that Prateek Chaudhari is following on his fathers footsteps and continuing the tradition of sitar playing with 17 frets.

We hope to continue this family relationship and keep making sitars for the coming generations also.