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The association with respected Panditji dates back to 1950 when in this year Bishan Dass ji joined A.I.R as musical instrument expert & in the same year Pt.ji was the chief composer there. It was then that Bishan Dass ji became his student and learnt the detail character of the sound and tone of Maihar Gharana. Bishan Dass & Pt.ji used to discuss for hours ways to make the sitar in a standardized form & call it a Pt. Ravi Shankar style sitar or Maihar Gharana style. Sitar playing really helped Bishan Dass ji while making new innovative changes in the sitar and these changes have been accepted and are being played by all musicians. The sitar Pt.ji is playing since 1979-80 has been made by Bishan Dassji. In 1965 Pt.ji discussed with him the constant problem of traveling with huge Tanpura. These tanpuras were very delicate so they used to get damaged easily. Bishan Dass ji pondered on this problem and finally made an all wooden Tamboori. This Tamboori was very compact and easy to travel with, the size was half of the big tanpuras. The best thing about these tambooris was that they had the same tonal quality as the traditional tanpuras and could be tuned to any pitch. These tambooris are played by all the musicians today. Pt.ji's daughter Anoushka is also playing sitars made by us. She is very satisfied with her main sitar. Bishan Dassji assisted with son Ajay have recently designed Ovation sitar (new innovation) both for Pt.ji and Anoushka and they are both very happy with its sound and tonal quality.